Ruger Barber Style Trends



Daniel Rymer is a must-follow stylist for any barber or hairdresser who wants to make the transition from ladies hairstyling to gents. A true inspiration.

Daniel Rymer is followed by stylists all over the world who watch how he combine modern barbering techniques with an extensive range of unique signature hairstyle.

This long haired, braided mens hairstyle is controversial! There is no doubt that long mens hairstyles are notoriously controversial : many barbers believe that they are too out there!

At Ruger, we believe that if braids and long hair are done professionally by a talented and artistic stylist they can look amazing!


The creator of the Hi-born Fade, Diego is followed all around the world because of his signature hairstyles.

Incredible and flawless fading work combined with the most impeccable art work, lines and patterns, Diego is the man to follow.The hairstyle you can see here is a combination of immaculate fading work crossed with art work, unreal how he has achieved this with a razor and trimmer?

He and Scott (Famos), our favourite from across the pond and insanely humble, amazing people.



This guys work is so recognisable, anyone in the industry can take a look at the cut & know who has created it.

The skin taper is trending for 2016 and Patty-Cuts shows us how its done with the smoothest and softest of tapers, with hairlines so pronounced they look like they have been stencilled.

You can see in any one of his hair cuts the line precision……he epitomises cleanliness.



Kevin is the bollocks! At Ruger we have always idolised Kevin and studied his work closely, we recently worked together in New York and have become great friends.Kevins artistic talent is incredible…..not only the variety of hair work he produces to the highest level but his range, afro, fading, mens, women, every aspect of styling and not just his cuts but also his photography. A combination of the two give him a must-follow instagram status.

The style has been cut into his models hair to keep it an ideal look for gents who require a low maintenance look. Its soft, choppy, textured and natural and not at all over-groomed, excellently executed and a look very “in” at the moment.



The guy behind the notorious 4am fade has been one of the biggest influences and inspirations of Alan, Reece & the team at Ruger, even more so after the boys spent time with Ramos in New York.

Ramos is an iconic figure in the mens hair industry and known for his flawless fading work.

The 4am Fade is one of the most recognisable mens hairstyles in the world at the moment, Famos intensifies this look by adding his own signature statement creating a loose pomp skin fade.